There has been a significant development in the evolution of the UTC/UTC Canada (UTCC) relationship that will benefit both Canadian and U.S. utilities.

Moving Forward

On December 8, 2018 the UTC Board of Directors approved a recommendation put forward by the UTC Canada Board of Advisors to integrate the two groups into UTC North America. Today UTCC has merged with UTC.

We will ensure that Canadian utilities are fully supported and integrated into the UTC regions that border Canada. Geographically speaking these are the corresponding regions:

• Region 1 for Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI,  Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador

• Regions 2, 4 and 5 for Ontario

• Region 5 for Saskatchewan and Manitoba

• Region 9 for British Columbia and Alberta

The UTC committees are great resources for all members as well. The 10 UTC Committees address topics such as IT/OT, Telecom, Security/Risk/Compliance (such as NERC CIP), Broadband, Joint Use/Wireless Collocation/Pole Attachments, Knowledge and Learning (UTC Journal content, training and conference programs), and Public Policy. Staff liaison for each committee can be contacted for any questions you have about activities.

Canadian members will continue to get the member rate for the annual UTC Telecom and Technology conference and any other conferences, workshops, trainings and webinars that are fee-based.

New Regional Map

A Word From UTC President & CEO, Joy Ditto

Given the nature of the North American grid, I am excited to fully integrate our groups and better capitalize on what we all know and can learn from each other. UTC also has a long history of both membership and collaboration with other critical infrastructure providers that deploy ICT networks such as oil, gas, water and transportation, and we look forward to building on the work done recently with such entities in Canada.

Should you have any questions about this or any other UTC/UTCC matter, please feel free to contact me at joy.ditto@utc.org / 202-833-6801. You can also contact Karnel Thomas of the UTC staff – karnel.thomas@utc.org / 202-833-6816 to answer any questions.