Why Join UTCC?


UTCC supports its members through various legislative and regulatory efforts that focus on the protection and advancement of utility and critical infrastructure spectrum opportunities.

UTCC works closely with Innovation, Science and Economic Development: Canada, Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission, Radio Advisory Board of Canada, Public Safety and other Federal Government organizations.

UTCC oversight of spectrum matters and their capability to provide a unified member response supports your current and future spectrum needs.

Member Directed Initiatives

As a member of UTCC’s Board of Advisors, your company representative will have opportunities to directly influence UTCC’s pursued initiatives. Initiatives can vary in scope from capturing baselines, developing standards and best practices, developing/validating business cases, to pursuing globally adopted practice; UTCC has succeeded in establishing working groups and committees, developing white papers, position papers and surveys, as well as hosting industry meetings and facilitating workshops expressly for the benefit of their members and initiative pursuits.


Together with our utility and critical infrastructure members, our technology and solution partners and our expert staff/partners, UTCC continually provides relevant content on issues and opportunities that are shaping our rapidly evolving industry, including: next generation packet networks, cybersecurity, field area network technologies and IT/OT convergence. Your company employees will benefit from the various information offerings that UTCC delivers:

Print, on line, and e-newsletter resources

  • Subscription to quarterly UTC Journal and UTCCConnection a-newsletter
  • Access to NETWORKS.utc.org, UTCC’s private connected web community
  • Webinars, research and white papers

Education Events, Committees, Councils

  • Relevant industry training
  • Annual national conferences, summits and regional meetings
  • Participation in committees/divisions/councils:
  • Architecture Discussion Group
  • Public Policy and Advocacy Committee
  • Technical Committee (including subcommittees dedicated to IT/OT, cybersecurity, OPGW life cycle, packet networks)
  • Broadband, Smart Networks and UtiliSite Councils
  • Global Advisory Council Working Group

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